There is a lovely story I’d like to tell you about what inspired me to mix a drink that I have affectionately named The Blue Pear, in fond memory of my visit to this fine establishment in Palm Springs, California last summer. Sadly, you’ll have to visit me to hear the tale.  However, I will share the drink recipe with you.

6 parts Pear Nectar

3 parts Peach Cider

1 part Blue Curacao

4 parts Pear Vodka

Add above liquids to an ice filled shaker and jigga, jigga, jigga.  If your parts happen to be shots, then you’ve just made yourself a bunch of Blue Pear Martini.  Rim four martini glasses by dipping in a small puddle of Blue Curacao, then in a plate of sugar crystals.  Pour concoction and then garnish with a slice of pear that you’ve been soaking in vodka over-night.

The pear nectar can be found, if you live in Blandsville Suburbia, on the Mexican shelf in the half aisle of the whole grocery store devoted to international foods.  If you don’t happen to live near a peach stand in South Carolina, I don’t know where you’ll find Peach Cider.  However, I can tell you that it is an absolutely necessary ingredient.  It makes the pear pop.  I cannot explain it.  Without the peach, you can barely taste the pear, and other juices over powered it.