Sometimes, I think, friends come into our lives and serve a very specific purpose and then have to leave. Even if we know them for only a very short time, their mark can be as lasting as those left by lifelong friendships. On my last birthday I received the last e-mail from such a friend. A song was attached.

Today is the 7th anniversary of my 5 year death sentence. Traditionally, I have marked this day in gratitude of what one more year has allowed and in timid hope of what another might bring. It would be easy to say that the last year has overwhelmed me beyond words, and easier still to understand if I have learned we can’t predict what lies one year ahead. But I don’t think that’s really why tonight as I settle in to peaceful and quiet reflection my own words will not come. No. I think it’s because that friendship reached through time and touched me again, with that song, when I needed it most.

Thank you.